The exposition continues from hand -drawn dots to the arbitrary words in a newspaper and their transformation through the tedium of a fixed process to the unconscious evolving of an order - in this case - undulations.
'---/In place of the random-dotted field, a sheet of printed newspaper can be used either by passing lines as a weave within the text or blackening alternate words until a pattern appears in irrational sequence. From the results of these games in which our conscious attention is focussed upon executing a tedious succession of operations, very frequently a continuous undulating field arises which can only be considered as unconscious. This operation can demonstrate the function of the unconscious mind to impose a rhythmic order on a random array.'


Newspaper text. Article by Jean de La Guérivière, Le Monde. 6-7 Nov 1988.


Fig.102. Lines following the pattern of the words alternately horizontally over or under the word and vertically on the sides, suggest an irregular undulation.


Fig.103. Blackening alternate words leads to irregular undulations appearing at some sections
The eye seeks them out. The emergence of other patterns not drawn but implied is vital here. See the section on 'Unconscious Drawing'.