'A series of operations intended to conceal the result until completed is undertaken to exploit the emergence of an unexpected effect or structure. Scotch tape of different widths, contact paper and adhesives such as rubber solution are applied to a board either systematically, at random or in both manners. Gouache, ink or watercolour is then washed or sprayed over the whole surface and the various resists removed when dry. Changing colours at each stage, the operation may be repeated to any desired extent whereupon the results become less and less predictable and may well end in chaos.'


fig 180.JPG (80181 octets)

Fig.180. Forms arising from resistant media removed one by one while, at each stage, applying a different colour on part of the surface.
This succession of colours emerging from concealment, provides unexpected chromatic combinations - rectangular glimmerings of pure and combined colours from the sea of variegated black and brown to too many colour interpositions. This will be illuminating in the study of colour in section 'Color-Transparency'.