'---/From these models drawings are made directly or by projection and can be completed either with the wire hand profiles from D. making the scheme more obvious or with a simple helicoid or again with a series of nylon strings passing from the apex to the base.'

fig 175.gif (34071 octets)

Fig.175. Figurative drawing of clay form of two hands closing plus its interfering shadow-projections leads to three-dimensionnal complexity.



photo n 7.JPG (28565 octets)

Photo n7. Impression of a single closing hand emphasized by a string passing from the apex to the base.


A transformation - an intensification - of this straight-forward grasping is presented in this plate from the 'Apocalypse' by Georges Augnet, in which the emphasized forms are engraved while the shapes even the fingernails of the grasping hand, become more visible in the midst of an unconscious drawing.


fig .XXIX.gif (67916 octets)

.XXIX. "Quand la main se retira. This hand seizes...the earth; and the chains of mountains of clay are crushed between the fingers. When the hands withdraws, there remains nothing but this monument erected to the memory of the closed fist and to the statued emptiness." 11

11  S.W. Hayter, 'The Engraving of S.W. Hayter', London 1967, Butler & Tanner Ltd., Victoria and Albert Museum.