'The notion of counterpoint already defined is pursued in drawings which may be either figurative or abstract as simple geometries. Thus a beginner might be invited to superimpose on successive sheets of tracing paper as many different projections of a human figure as he could devise on the same scale perhaps using a different coloured pen for each form. The same procedure could be followed with a simple still-life assembled on a board changing the relative positions of the objects and their spacing within the sheet. Placing all of the sheets against a light a final operation using black might permit a synthesis of the whole set as if in a cubist space. A photographic positive or negative could readily be made of the result.'


fig 173.jpg (22776 octets)


Fig.173. Three simultaneous views of a human figure, first done one by one then emphasized so that a synthetic shape emerges.


fig 174.jpg (16817 octets)

Fig.174. Synthetic view of a human figure.
The black line around the synthetic shape is emerging, pulling the forms together to make a complex floating outline.