'The operation known to the Surrealists as the "Cadavres Exquis" consists of folding a sheet so that one quarter is exposed on which one person draws an image. The sheet is then refolded so that this image is concealed but on the edge of the fold dots show the position of the lines. The second person will continue the drawing on the second quarter sheet which is again concealed by folding and so on until four persons have collaborated. The results of this operation although sometimes humorous do not often show much graphic transformation and tend to have a chiefly literary significance as with unconscious writing. It is clear that the four participants should have some common matter of interest.'


fig 176.gif (29002 octets)


Fig.176. Collective drawing executed by Sylvie Le Seac'h and Fanchon Fröhlich by folding the paper five times so only the ends of the drawn lines projected are visible and continuing from them, each with her own distinctive line interacting but not penetrating according to the hypothesis of the "Cadavres Exquis".