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There are many people from diverse disciplines who have helped us through the process of writing this manuscript - from artists, computer programmers, etchers, mathematicians, philosophers, physicists and writers. They have provided their vastly different but relevant insights into Hayter's complexity of thought. We wish to thank them all profoundly.
We are grateful for reading the whole book and making illuminating comments to Peter Hacker, Gérard Hyland and Professor Sir Peter Strawson. We are indebted to:
Peter Hacker for writing the preface and to David Gascogne for the epilogue
Lawrence Ball and Eric Halkier-Nielsen for elaborating the relevant computer programmers,
Georges Ball, Desiree Moorhead, Julian Hayter and Augy Hayter for contributions and encouragement,

For advice and support, we are indebted to:
Sandra Owen
The Institut Français d'Agadir in Marocco, his directors Maurice Brouard and Berenice Gulmann, his computer programmers Abdellatif El Moussaid and Ait Brahim Mohamed
Beatrice Ducellier, Françoise Georgieff and Francisca Filleul
Stephane and Kirsten Delouvrier
Ralph Halkier-Nielsen for supervising the translation of texts into french
Alain Le Seac'h, Charles Le Seac'h, Marc Le Seac'h and Laurent Le Seac'h

They have all joined us in untangling Hayter's cryptic notes for which we express our deepest appreciation.


Text by Fanchon Fröhlich 2002